Friday, May 18, 2012

I was enough in the work least I thought so. I knew my job, the expectations of my boss, the expectations of my employees. I could delegate and shoulder blame. I didn't have to be "good" at the mom and home thing; work was who I was.

Until it wasn't. Being in charge all the time is exhausting, always having to be better than you were is difficult. Being defensive, negative becomes easy.

Was it time to stop being the "work" me?

But I was "good" at work; not so much at home.

I don't love to cook; I don't love to clean (I know no one does, but....), but the internet would help me learn. Right?

The internet taught me no one I knew could cook and clean! Baking bread from scratch, homemade yogurt, homeschool lesson plans that rival my master's thesis???

Not only an I not "good" at home; I'm terrible at it!

What to do when you're waning at what you thought was your passion, but not confident in your new passion......[shaky?] or if what is new, isn't your passion?

For now, I'm breathing. Letting go of the "work" me; letting go of my version of "home" me.

trying to be just me.

He created me in His image. Me.

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